Central Government Aero India 2019 – Drone Olympics Registration / Prize Money & Competition...

Aero India 2019 – Drone Olympics Registration / Prize Money & Competition Details


Central govt. is going to organize Drone Olympics at Aero India 2019 under which various drone competitions shall be held and winners would be honoured with medals and cash prize money. Unidentified Aerial Vehicle (UAV) market is one of the fastest growing economies. Interested people can check UAV competition details at Aero India 2019, prize money and make Drone Olympics Registration at aeroindia.gov.in/Drone

Now a days, UAVs are utilized in military, electronic warfare, strike missions, commercial space like basic surveillance, photography, site inspections, monitoring crops, collecting geographical data, delivery services as well as small consumer toys. There is an opportunity for all UAV manufacturing enthusiasts who want to showcase the capabilities of the drones they are manufacturing.

Interested enthusiasts can come forward and apply online to participate in the competition at the Aero India website before 26 January 2019.

Aero India Drone Olympics 2019 Registration

Below is the complete procedure to make online registration for Drone Olympics 2019:-

  • Visit the official website aeroindia.gov.in/Drone
  • At the homepage, click at the “Register” button or directly click this link
  • Afterwards, the Drone Olympics 2019 registration form will appear as follows:-
  • Drone Olympics 2019 Registration Form

    Drone Olympics 2019 Registration Form

  • Here candidates can enter name, e-mail ID, mobile number, country and click at the “Next” button to complete the registration process.

Download Communication Restrictions Summary Form, Communication & Information Technology Notification dated 28.1.2005, Form for submission of UAV system / equipment details. The participants are required to submit the UAV system / equipment details as per prescribed form.

Aero India 2019 – Drone Olympics Competition Details

There would be 3 types of competitions in Drone Olympics which are described below:-

  • Surveillance Competition – This competition is to determine the surveillance capability of the products of the participants. As the capability for different UAV configurations is different, so the competition is divided into 2 broad categories:-
    • Electric Pure VTOL (Multirotor) – Competition 1 with weight classes of upto 4 Kg and Competition 2 with weight classes between 4 to 7 Kg.
    • Electric Hybrid Designs – Competition 5 with weight classes of upto 4 Kg and Competition 6 with weight classes between 4 to 7 Kg.
  • Weight Drop Challenge – This competition will assess the weight dropping capability of UAVs. Judgement of participants would be based on the MTOW weight which is necessary to complete a round trip deliver 2 Kg weight to a target of 2 Km away. The winner is going to be decided by the lightest machine which is able to drop the weight successfully.
  • UAV Formation Flying Challenge – In this competition, 2 categories of UAVs – Fixed VTOL (Multirotor) & Hybrid UAV can participate in this challenge. There would be static demonstration of shape for at-least 30 seconds and shapes requiring same number of UAVs need to be done in the same flight. All the applicants with 12 UAVs can demonstrate the following shapes in vertical plane which includes:-
    • Minus Sign (Minimum 5 UAVs)
    • Formation (Minimum 5 UAVs)
    • Three Spokes (Minimum 7 UAVs)
    • Division Sign (Minimum 7 UAVs)
    • Plus Sign (Minimum 9 UAVs)
    • Multiplication Sign (Minimum 9 UAVs)
    • Triangle Shape (Minimum 9 UAVs)
    • Square Shape (Minimum 12 UAVs)
    • “I” Letter Shape (Minimum 12 UAVs)
    • “O” Letter Shape (Minimum 12 UAVs)

The venue for Drone Olympics competition is Air Force Station Yelahanka, Bengaluru, Karnataka – 560063, India. The competition for UAVs will be held at Aero India 2019 on 21 February 2019.

Drone Olympics 2019 – Prize Money & General Instructions

To get more information about the prize money and general instructions about the Drone Olympics competition, click the link – http://aeroindia.gov.in/Drone. For complete information about the Drone Olympics 2019 Competition, visit the official website at https://aeroindia.gov.in/Aero-India

The winners will be honoured with medals and a cash prize of Rs. 38 lakhs to top three winners of each competition. Last date of registration to participate in event is 26 January 2019.