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Top Parent App Download | MP Aapki Padhai Aapke Ghar Scheme (Digi Lap) for Students

Department of school education, Madhya Pradesh government has launched Top Parent Mobile App and is available to download from google play store. MP govt. also starts Digi Lap – Aapki Padhai Aapke Ghar Scheme 2020 for students learning at home. CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan has sent the first whatsapp message to students through digi lap appki padhai aapke ghar scheme. These initiatives will enable students to continue their studies in an interesting manner at home.

MP Chief Minister informed that students will now be provided with teaching material on their mobile for easy learning. Several students thanked the CM addressing him as Mamaji. The students said that they are getting lessons through stories and incidents from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm daily through radio programme.

Now the complete study material shall be available through the top parent mobile app and whatsapp group.

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Top Parent Mobile App Download from Google Play Store

All the students can now download top parent mobile app from google play store. Through this app, parent would be able to provide their children with important info. about the country and world. At the same time, parents will get info. with regard to children progress on the app through continuous report cards.

  • The direct link to download Top Parent Mobile App from google play store is given below:-
  • Students shall be able to learn basic skills of mathematics and improve their english laguage through this app. The Top Parent app will appear as shown below:-MP Top Parent Mobile App Download

    MP Top Parent Mobile App Download

  • This app is absolutely free of cost with size of 3.4 Mb and lastly updated on 1 April 2020. The current version is 1.0.10 and requires android version of 4.1 and up for installation. This Top Parent App is offered by the Central Square Foundation.

How Top Parent App Empowers Parents with Knowledge?

The newly launched Top Parent App empowers and equip parents with knowledge through the following ways:-

  1. Engaging and informative videos
  2. Expert videos
  3. Recommends learning apps for children
  4. Quiz with gaming experience
  5. Build a parents community through social sharing options
  6. A monthly reward program
  7. Share your feedback and stories
  8. Parent testimonials

Top Parent App – One Stop Solution for Parents

This Top Parent mobile app is a one stop solution for parents to help them raise happy, healthy and smart children. This app is for parents of children b/w the age of 3 to 8 years. This app provides parents with language, strategies and all necessary information to help their children improve learning outcomes and stay healthy, happy and safe. Moreover, govt. will encourage family engagement that has proven to positively impact on children’s overall healthy development.

This app will address all domains of child development through its content. Parents can play quiz, watch videos to understand, learn about their children developmental and learning needs.

Information for Parents on Top Parent Mobile App

The information for parents is divided into 5 essential areas to promote overall healthy child development, these are given below:- 1). Cognitive 2). Social Relations 3). Physical-Well-being 4). Nutrition 5). Child Protection The quiz for a parents is an exciting way to learn about facts and information around positive parenting practices in all domains of child development. Parents can share their scores with friends and family and track their rank on the leaderboard. This app also recommends learning apps for children to improve their language and math learning in simple and fun ways. With the use of this app, parents can help children build a strong foundation for language development and math learning in children. They can also track their child’s progress on the app dashboard as well as Top Parent dashboard.

How Top Parent App helps Parents?

Top Parent houses content to demonstrate very contextual, day to day challenges parents face with children in early years. The videos on the app not only talk about and demonstrate these situations but also bring in parent voices who have tried some these parenting strategies. Top Parent encourages parents to share their stories and we want to share their positive experiences and learnings and parenting tips with other beneficiaries.

Top Parent app also allows parents to win exciting rewards every month if they continue to engage with the app in a variety of ways. Parents can collect points and exchange points with exciting gifts. Top Parent brings best parenting practices and provides a platform to build a community of parents that are well informed and are equipped with right language, strategies and knowledge related to their child’s developmental needs.

MP Digi Lap Aapki Padhai Aapke Ghar Scheme 2020

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is taking several lives across the world and due to this, MP is also facing lockdown. To ensure that students stay at their home as well as learn and study, govt. has launched MP Digi Lap Aapki Padhai Aapke Ghar Scheme. In this scheme, each student will get teaching materials through whatsapp. All such students who have android mobile phones will get study materials of subjects like english, hindi, mathematics, science at their home.

Students of Class 1st to 12th will get this study material through whatsapp on their smartphones. There would be many interesting videos in this learning material. In this initiative, more than 25 thousand teachers, students etc. have been connected through whatsapp group. Just like in classes in schools, several students can be connected through whatsapp group.

All the students should study at home itself and do not leave their house. CM said that students are now getting all the study material in a very interesting manner on their mobiles. Therefore, they should not go out of the houses at all during the lockdown and study at home itself.