Punjab Punjab Coronavirus (COVID-19) Lockdown E-Pass Online Application / Registration Form

Punjab Coronavirus (COVID-19) Lockdown E-Pass Online Application / Registration Form

Revenue Department of Punjab govt. has started online service for providing Curfew E-Pass during COVID-19 Lockdown. People can now apply online for curfew passes by filling Punjab Coronavirus Lockdown Pass online registration form at epasscovid19.pais.net.in. The state govt. will issue e-Pass for those who are engaged in providing essential services. These includes services such as health, manufacturing, transport, storage, shops, banking and media persons.

Only those people who are engaged in providing essential services can submit Public Coronavirus (COVID-19) Lockdown E-Pass application form. Other people are requested to kindly DO NOT submit this form except in medical emergency. All the applicants must submit the valid supporting documents otherwise application for curfew pass will be rejected. This lockdown e-pass is mandatory for every person for any movement during 21 day lockdown.

In case any person is found misusing the Coronavirus Curfew Pass, then he / she shall be liable for criminal action. Moreover, if incorrect facts and documents are produced to concerned authorities to get Punjan Lockdown e-pass, then strict action will be taken.

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How to Apply / Register for COVID-19 Lockdown E-Pass in Punjab

Below is the complete procedure to apply online and fill registration form for COVID-19 lockdown pass in Punjab:-

  • Firstly, visit the official website at https://epasscovid19.pais.net.in/
  • After reaching at the homepage, the Punjab Coronavirus Lockdown Pass online application form will appear as shown below:-
  • Punjab Coronavirus Lockdown Pass Registration Form

    Punjab Coronavirus Lockdown Pass Registration Form

  • Here Corona Warriors who are providing essential services can enter their details accurately. People can enter personal details, vehicle details, upload documents like photograph, ID proof, proof of employment and then submit the application form to get movement pass for Coronavirus lockdown.

Punjab Lockdown Pass Approval Process

All the received applications would be processed by the office of the concerned authorities. All the applicants will receive lockdown passes via SMS or e-mail or online in case request is found genuine.

This system to provide movement pass to citizens may be advertised widely and information would be placed in all police control rooms and helplines setup for this purpose.

Misuse of Lockdown Passes

However, it may be noted that any person who is found misusing this movement pass would face legal action by the State Police Department. This service is of utmost importance and all police personnel are briefed properly. The state govt. will ensure that all residents providing essential services traveling under the authorization of the “Lockdown Pass” are allowed free passage.

Lockdown Passes of Other States

Govt. will ensure that movement passes issued by the neighboring states to facilitate movement of essential goods, medicines, health equipment, animal fodder, poultry feed be honored. Moreover, directions should be issued to all civil and police officials for immediate compliance.