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Delhi Grocery / Milk / Medicine Shop Registration For Curfew Passes of Coronavirus [COVID 19]

Delhi govt. starts Grocery / Milk / Medicine Shop Registration for Coronavirus (COVID 19) lockdown e-passes. Now people who provides essential services such as kiryana, milk sellers, vegetable vendors, chemist, private sector employees can apply to get curfew pass. Such people can get Lockdown pass through WhatsApp or at district magistrate (DM) offices. Arvind Kejriwal’s govt. has provided this solution to those engaged in essential services who needs to go out during COVID 19 lockdown who are being stopped by the police.

The state government of Delhi is now issuing e-passes to such employees as well as residents stuck outside the city or in border areas. Delhi district administration on 26 March 2020 has introduced colour coding mechanism to streamline process of issuing electronic passes (e-pass) for those working to provide essential services in the national capital.

LG Anil Baijal said that govt. will ensure strict implementation of lockdown in Delhi and CM Kejriwal urged people to stay at home.

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Delhi Coronavirus Lockdown E-Passes Registration at Whatsapp / DM Offices

Delhi govt. is issuing e-passes in the interest of vegetable vendors, grocers and milk-sellers. These passes will ensure smooth supply of daily use items in the national capital during the 21-day lockdown implemented to stop the spread of the coronavirus. The nation-wide COVID 19 lockdown period is all set to last until 15 April 2020. Delhi Coronavirus (COVID 19) lockdown e-passes registration can be issued through Whatsapp and details of which would be provided on helpline number 1031 or at district magistrate offices.

CM also clarified that public doesn’t need curfew passes to go to nearest grocery stores. In order to avoid panic buying, CM assured that govt. will ensure that shops selling milk, vegetables, grocery items and medicines will remain open. CM also asserted that there is no scarcity of the essential commodities.

Whom COVID 19 Curfew E-Pass will Help

The state govt. of Delhi had received feedback of various cases from private firms, ration shops and even media personnel. All such persons were being stopped by policemen on the roads and an e-pass will help in such situations. These e-pass will ensure transparency and enhance essential services are commuting during lockdown. Many people especially many milk plant owners who does not have valid ID card will now get e-pass issued.

All Delhi residents who are stranded outside the city for any reason would be allowed to enter production of any valid ID or residence proof upon showing their address. People coming from outside can apply for e-pass through Whatsapp on authorized mobile numbers or e-mail ID at [email protected] Such people needs to provide their particulars alond with their relevant documents. All such e-pass shall be received on same Whatsapp or email of applicants.

Delhi Helpline Number for Police Harassment

CM Arvind Kejriwal has also released helpline number 011-22459536 to bring to its notice if anyone is harassed or ill-treated by the police during the 21-day lockdown. Moreover, govt. has setup 24×7 control room at the office of the Divisional Commissioner in Delhi and also at all the DM offices. An ACP rank officer will be available at control rooms at all times to ensure proper liaison with the offices of district magistrates on real-time basis.