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welcomekejriwal.in – Kejriwal Aapke Dwaar Website | Complaint Registration | Delhi CM Helpline No.

Delhi government has launched Kejriwal Aapke Dwaar Website at welcomekejriwal.in. Now Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal is coming home of the residents and holding talks with them on their daily issues. People can know about their general issues like Water, Health, Education, Electricity, Unauthorised colonies, infrastructure and women empowerment. CM said that people would also be able to make complaint registration at the portal which he will address after the elections. Moreover, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal Helpline Number (Toll Free) is also launched.

Kejriwal Apke Dwar campaign is started with the launch of portal through which CM will connect with the people of Delhi using pre-recorded messages. The state govt. of Delhi wants to leverage the use of technology to directly reach out to the people of city.

Through Kejriwal Aapke Dwaar Website, CM will be able to talk directly to people of Delhi on different issues.

Kejriwal Aapke Dwaar Website at welcomekejriwal.in

Kejriwal Aapke Dwaar website functional at the link – welcomekejriwal.in for residents of Delhi. This portal has pre-recorded messages of chief minister on various issues. After being fully functional, people can make their complaints registration which would be addressed once the election process in Delhi is over. The Talk With Delhi CM website lists the achievements of Aam Admi Party (AAP) govt. in different fields in the last 5 years.

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal Helpline No. (Toll Free)

Delhi govt. has also started the CM Arvind Kejriwal Helpline No. 76909-44444. At this Delhi CM toll free number, users need to give a missed call and open the link that they will receive. Chief Minister said that he wants to visit each and every household and meet all the family members personally through door-to-door campaigning. As the assembly elections in Delhi are inching closer, CM Kejriwal wants to sit with Delhi residents and discuss his govt’s report card for last 5 years.

CM Arvind Kejriwal of Delhi wants to communicate with people and inform them of all the work done in the past five years along with providing answer to their questions. But it is not physically possible to visit each of the 50 lakh families in Delhi. So to have a direct conversation with people without any mediators in between, CM Kejriwal Aapke Dwaar website has been launched. This is for the first time in the Indian history that such technological approach to communicate with people is designed.

The new Kejriwal Aapke Dwaar website has various listed options like education, health, electricity, water, infrastructure, women’s security and unauthorized colonies in Delhi. Upon clicking each option, CM Arvind Kejriwal will list various achievements in each of these departments. CM said that through this platform, Delhi govt. is trying to reach out as many people as possible through various social media platforms.