Central Government National Population Register (NPR) 2020 Instruction Manual PDF Download

National Population Register (NPR) 2020 Instruction Manual PDF Download

Central government has released the National Population Register (NPR) 2020 Instruction Manual which is now available to download in PDF format. The NPR exercise would be conducted in FY 2020 which will contain the details of all the usual residents of the country. People can now Download NPR Manual 2020 PDF for updation of National Population Register for enumerators and supervisors. Moreover, the NPR updation summary sheet (household wise) is available.

The Scheme for creation of National Population Register will be undertaken under the provisions of The Citizenship Act 1955 and The Citizenship Rules, 2003. The field work for NPR data collection would be undertaken alongwith Houselisting and Housing Census 2021. The NPR application form 2020 and list of documents circulating on social media or any other platform except this Instruction Manual are fake.

The NPR database was firstly created in 2010 under PM Manmohan Singh led central govt. and then updated in 2015 by PM Modi led government.

NPR 2020 Instruction Manual PDF Download

Union govt. of India has decided to update NPR database along with Houselisting and Housing Census phase of Census of India 2021 during April-September 2020. The updating of existing National Population Register database would be carried out by verifying details of all residents by conducting house to house enumeration by enumerator (designated govt. official). He/she would be responsible to modify / correct demographic data items. The direct link to download NPR 2020 Instruction Manual PDF is given below:-https://cjp.org.in/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/NPR-manual.pdf Alternate link to download NPR Manual 2020 PDF.

Enumerator will collect aadhaar number from each resident on a voluntary basis. The basic information which involves mobile number, Election Photo Identity Cards (EPIC) or Voter ID Card number, Indian Passport number and Driving License number (if available) would also be sought from residents. The govt. official will include all new residents / households found in local area (HLB) during the field work.

Instructions for updating & filling Side A / B of NPR Booklet & Schedule

The following information is required to be furnished for updating and filling Side A & Side B of NPR Booklet / schedule:-

Side A Side B
Enumeration of the household Serial Number
Census House Number and Household Number Permanent Residential Address
Present Address Duration of stay and place of last residence
Pin code Details of father, mother and spouse
Household Status Aadhaar Number
Number of members Mobile Number
Serial Number Voter ID Card Number
Name of the person in full Driving License Number
Availability of member of the household
Relationship to Head
Marital Status
Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Nationality as declared
Passport Number
Educational Qualification

The NPR Instruction Manual PDF contains complete information of roles and responsibilities of field functionaries, instructions to enumerators for updating NPR. Moreover, the NPR Manual 2020 PDF also contains instructions for updating / filling up Side A & Side B of NPR booklet / schedule.