Central Government CHC Farm Machinery Mobile App Download – Hire Tractors & Agriculture Machineries

CHC Farm Machinery Mobile App Download – Hire Tractors & Agriculture Machineries

Central government has launched CHC Farm Machinery Mobile App to enable farmers to hire tractors and agricultural machineries. The hiring of these farm equipments would be done at an affordable price through CHC mobile application. CHC Farm Machinery App will work in a similar fashion like Uber, Ola where people can hire (rent) taxis through their mobile phones.

The Union govt. of India has started this multi-lingual app based service – CHC Farm Machinery for Custom Hiring Centers (CHCs). All the farmers will nor have an easy access to high value and technical agricultural equipments at their doorsteps. This app will enable farmers for in-situ management of stubble.

Till date, over 40,000 CHCs have been registered on CHC Farm machinery mobile app for renting over 1,20,000 agricultural machineries and farm equipments.

CHC Farm Machinery Mobile App Download

CHC Farm Machinery Service is going to facilitate local farmers for use of shared resources including tractors & agricultural machineries at affordable prices. With this CHC Farm Machinery Mobile App, farmers can select & order the required farm machinery at feasible rates from Custom Hiring Centers (CHCs) located in the radius of 50 Kms. People can now easily download this mobile app from google playstore to place order for machineries through the link given below:-CHC Farm Machinery App Download

The size of CHC farm machinery app is 5 MB which requires an android version of 4.0.3 and up. The current version is 2.0.0 & is offered by NIC eGov Mobile Apps. CHC farm machinery mobile app will help individual farmers who are willing to provide their agricultural machinery & equipments on rental basis. This will increase their farm income along with making optimum utilization of available agricultural machineries in CHCs/FMBs/Hi-tech Machinery Hubs.

The CHC Farm machinery app is already available to custom service providers for registration. These providers can upload geo-reference photographs of agricultural machinery custom service centers and photographs of machinery available in it. This mobile app will facilitate optimum usage of all types of inputs using these farming machines.

CHC Farm Machinery App Tractors Rent

CHC Farm Machinery App Tractors Rent

The primary objective of govt. is to increase the income of farmers to realize the vision of Doubling Farmers Income by 2022. Moreover, this CHC machinery app will also take mechanization to maximum farm holdings in a short time frame. Furthermore, farmers will get connected with the Custom Hiring Service Centers in their area.

The central govt. has also launched Krishi Kisan Mobile App which can also be downloaded from the google playstore. This app will provide information of high yielding crops and seeds to farmers. These Krishi Kisaan App will also help farmers in geo-tagging and geo-fencing of crop and give weather forecast message to farmers.