Central Government Find Your Lost Mobile Phone – Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR) Portal

Find Your Lost Mobile Phone – Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR) Portal

Central government of India has launched a new Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR) Portal to report theft of phones in Maharashtra. Now in case your mobile phone is stolen or lost, then you will have to file an FIR and inform DoT via helpline number 14422. Thus, the central govt. will now help to find your lost mobile phone.

Department of Telecommunications has been working on Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR) since 2017. This is a database of IMEIs (International Mobile Equipment Identity). It is a 15-digit unique number which identifies mobile devices as India has over a billion wireless subscribers.

Telecom minister Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad has launched the web portal to report theft of phones in Maharashtra. A pilot project for this CEIR Scheme has begun in the state.

How CEIR Scheme Portal Helps to Find Your Lost Mobile Phone

How will this CEIR Scheme portal works in case a mobile phone is stolen or lost:-

  • Firstly the person whose mobile phone is list will have to file an FIR in the nearest Police Station.
  • Then the person will have to inform DoT via a helpline number 14422.
  • After police complaint, DoT will blacklist the IMEI number. This would result in handset being blocked to access any mobile network in future.

After completing the above mentioned process, the device would be effectively made redundant. With this same IMEI number, cellular operator would also be able to block phone from accessing network.

The CEIR will also have access to GSMA global IMEI database which would allow comparison of IMEI numbers to identify counterfeit handsets. GSMA is a global body which represents cellular operators, gear makers, software and internet companies etc. in the telecom ecosystem. This would ensure international cooperation in matters of handset theft.

Launched Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR) in Mumbai. This will enabled blocking of lost or stolen mobile phone using their IMEI number based on the police complaint. Presently this service is being rolled out for the users in Maharashtra on pilot basis. pic.twitter.com/X3VfX4zY9S

— Ravi Shankar Prasad (@rsprasad) September 13, 2019

Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR)

A Central Equipment Identity Register is a database of the IMEI numbers of blacklisted handsets. In case a device ESN or IMEI number is listed on CEIR, then it will not work on member service provider networks. This means if a person’s mobile is stolen, then user can make a report to put their IMEI no. entered into CEIR. This will make device unusable in any network.

CEIR is popularly known as IMEI DB (database) system in which network operators share their individual blacklists with one another. This is done in order to ensure that service is denied for particular devices which appears on blacklist.