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Indian Railways Used Plastic Bottle Purchase Scheme – Rs. 5 on Dumping Waste in Vending Machines

On the one side world is worried about the rising amount of garbage and the pollution it causes, there are some countries who are effectively utilizing garbage for their benefit and protecting environment. Soon, India is going to be in list of those countries which are using garbage for their profit. For this purpose, Indian Railways is going to launch a scheme in which it will pay Rs. 5 for each used plastic bottle and will make T-Shirt and Cap from this waste.

Garbage management is a very important task in a huge country like India with over 130 crore population. To tackle the problem of Single Use Plastic Waste, Indian Railways has started a unique initiative. Now, Indian Railway will purchase plastic bottles for Rs. 5 which are used by travellers during their fare.

East Central Railway Zone has started this scheme on its 4 major stations which are Patna Junction, Rajendra Nagar, Patna Sahib and Daanapur. At these stations, vending machines have been installed.

Indian Railways Plastic Bottle Purchase Scheme [Rs. 5]

East Central Railway Zone new initiative of purchasing Single Use Plastic Waste for Rs. 5 under Indian Railways Plastic Bottle Purchase Scheme is a success. People are getting involved in dispensing their plastic waste at the installed vending machines. Moreover, Railway is making use of these empty bottles for making T-Shirts and Caps. Environment would be immensely benefited and pollution would be reduced.

Indian Railways to Install Vending Machines at 2000 Stations in 1st Phase

In the 1st phase of Indian Railways Plastic Bottle Purchase Scheme, railways will install vending machines at 2,000 stations. Water as well as cold bottles can be recycled through this scheme. In addition to East Central Railway Zone, Central Railway has started this scheme on some stations of Mumbai while East Cost Railway has installed vending machines on Puri Railway station. This scheme is going to be soon implemented on some other railway stations and bus stands.

Railway Stations to Get 5800 Additional Vending Machines

As per the Marketing head of Zeleno which makes Plastic Vending Machines, there are around 7 to 8 companies which make such machines. Till date, there are around 250 plastic vending machines installed in India. Out of these, around 100 to 120 vending machines are installed at different railway stations. Indian Railways has issued a tender of 5800 more such plastic vending machines and work order will soon be issue. It is expected that the work of installation of plastic vending machines would be completed by this year end.

High-tech Plastic Vending Machines

All the plastic vending machines are using high level of technology and there is touchscreen to enter mobile number. Machine has sensors to detect that only plastic bottles are being put into it. These machines also provides detailed report that how many plastic bottles are put into it and of which company. Bottles are categorized on the basis of their size (half or full litre) and polyester threads are made which can be used in making items. In certain cities of South India, this plastic is added to Bitomin through which roads can be made. One plastic vending machine cost around Rs. 4 to 5 lakh.

Use of Plastic Bottles in Making T-Shirt or Caps

All the plastic bottles collected in vending machines would be crushed. After crushing, a liquid would be prepared which would be utilized in making T-Shirts and Caps. People can wear these t-shirts and hats in any weather.

Environment Protection by Plastic Bottle Purchase Scheme of Railways

Plastic waste is a major cause of environment pollution and sometimes also choke sewage lines. This plastic bottle purchase scheme of Indian Railway will help in environment protection and promote cleanliness. As per a report, Indians use approx. 8 Kg of plastic out of which 5% waste comes from railways. So to resolve this problem, Indian Railways comes up with this scheme of providing Rs. 5 in return in the form of voucher for plastic bottle waste.

Voucher to Come on Mobile Phone for Plastic Waste

In the plastic vending machine, people have to put the plastic bottle waste along with their mobile number. On crushing of bottle in vending machine, travellers gets thanks message on their mobile phone along with Rs. 5 voucher. Indian Railways is making every possible effort to enable the use of these vouchers at most of the showrooms and retail chain companies. At some places, this voucher is already started working.