Misc Haryana ITI Star Rating Portal – Comparison of Industrial Training Institutes (ITI’s)

Haryana ITI Star Rating Portal – Comparison of Industrial Training Institutes (ITI’s)

Haryana government has launched Star Rating Portal for Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) at http://online.itihry.com/portal/itirating. All the citizens would now be able to make comparison between ITI’s across various districts and judge them accordingly on the basis of their ratings. The state govt. wants to promote skill development among youths and to enable them to get employment.

ITI Star Rating Portal achieves the objective of giving the prospective students an insight into the available opportunities at an ITI before joining them and allows comparison across ITIs. This would enable all the aspirants to make an informed decision when choosing ITIs during admission.

It also provides the ITIs with an objective rating which can be used as an indicator of scope for improvement. Currently, 155 Government ITIs which had students graduating in 2018 have been rated.

Haryana ITI Star Rating Portal – Compare ITIs

Skill Development and Industrial Training Department of Haryana has prepared ITI Star Rating Portal keeping in view the interests of students, who wants to get training in industrial training institutes of the state. Here is how to check the star ratings of various ITIs:-

Moreover, citizens can also check the district wise star ratings of ITI’s in which candidates are seeking admission.

Haryana ITI Star Rating Methodology

ITI Star Ratings Portal is a unique effort in the entire country and will prove to be a milestone for the students choosing ITI in the future. The rating methodology includes parameters which are outcome based and relevant to prospective students. The parameters are grouped in 3 categories:-

Category Parameter Weightage in ITI Rating
Career Advancement Wage Employment 40%
Self Employment
Higher Studies
Quality of Training Pass Rate 30%
Trainees with Distinction
Trainer Availability
Industry Partnerships Trainees to be Sent for Dual System of Training 30%
Industry Support for workshops / equipment
Lectures by Industry Trainers

Students interested to get admission in ITI, will be given detailed information about ITI. These details includes information on quality of training, details of the trainees passing and the signing of the agreement signed for training in industries and placements after passing.

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To check the complete details of rating methodology – Click Here. In case of any query, candidates can – Contact Us. ITI star rating portal has also been linked with the online admission portal. The information of 10 different criteria of ITI rating has been shown on this portal.