Central Government PM Modi AC Yojana Registration – Apply Online for Cheap Air Conditioners...

PM Modi AC Yojana Registration – Apply Online for Cheap Air Conditioners (ACs)

In order to save general public from the heated summers, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to start a new PM AC Yojana. Under this PM Modi AC Yojana 2019, central govt. will provide air conditioners to the poor people at lower rates just like LED bulbs under Ujala Scheme. People can now make PM Modi AC Yojana Registration to apply online for cheap but efficient ACs under this Pradhan Mantri AC Scheme.

The primary objective of PM Modi AC Yojana 2019 is to provide air conditioners in each and every houses to make life of people easier. All the ACs to be given under the Pradhan Mantri Air Conditioner Scheme would cost between 15% to 20% lesser than ACs of other companies.

People would be able to fill the PM AC Yojana online application form likely from July 2019 as the govt. may launch this scheme till that month.

PM Modi AC Yojana Online Registration to Start

The PM Modi AC Yojana online registration are expected to begin from July. People would then be able to apply online and order 1 AC for themselves at their home. After placing booking for ACs, people would get their ordered AC installed at their home within 1 month duration.

Quality of ACs under Pradhan Mantri AC Yojna 2019

The important features of the ACs to be provided by the Modi govt. under PM AC Yojna are as follows:-

  • All the ACs provided by the Indian govt. under PM Modi AC Yojana would be of at-least 15% to 20% lesser rates than of other companies.
  • These ACs would be of very excellent quality and would even beat the 5 Star Rating ACs of other companies.
  • These ACs under Pradhan Mantri AC Yojana would even save electricity b/w 35% to 40% than normal ACs. So PM AC Yojna would ensure that people will get reduced electricity bills on installation of these air conditioners.
  • Moreover, there is a provision of Exchange Offer for purchase of ACs under the PM AC Scheme 2019.
  • The guarantee period of the AC under PM AC Yojna would be of 1 to 5 years.

PM Modi AC Scheme Eligibility

It is important to note that from July 2019, the online bookings would be opened and people can then order 1 AC for themselves. The eligibility criteria to avail AC under Modi’s Air conditioner Scheme is as follows:-

  1. People who want to apply online & make booking must be permanent resident of India
  2. Only those people whose have their house meters in their name can apply online and order air conditioner under PM AC Yojana.

The default temperature in all the ACs under PM AC Scheme would be 24 to 26 degrees. In Japan, there is a provision of running ACs at default temperature of 28 degree. This would ensure lower electricity bills of people. These ACs would save around 20 billion units of electricity every year.

The government company named “Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL)” has been given the responsibility to manufacture high quality ACs for poor people at lower prices. EESL is the same company which has already provided free LED bulbs to poor people across the country under the flagship Ujala Scheme of Modi government.